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Esquire’s “Ladies Whom BeCause,” 1962.

Parody Of: McCall’s / Ladies’ Home Journal. Title: “Ladies Whom BeCause.” Parody In: Esquire.  Date: July 1962. Pages: 7. Contributors: Howard Zieff (photos), John McCray (art); no writer credits. Availability: Not hard to find. Every so often, a magazine develops an unexpected craving for parodies, features them for a few years, then moves … Continue reading

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A mysterious “Newsweek,” 1963

Parody Of: Newsweek. Title: “Newsweek.” Parody By: Unknown. Date: “November 18, 1963.” Pages: Unknown. Contributors: Unknown. Availability: Vanished from the face of the earth, AFAIK. Of all the magazine parodies I’ve heard of but never seen, 1963’s anonymous “Newsweek International Edition” is the most puzzling. Calling it “a vicious piece of propaganda,” the real Newsweek for … Continue reading

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Aardvark’s “National Reactionary,” 1964

Parody Of: National Review. Title: “National Reactionary.” Parody By: Aardvark Magazine. Date: Winter 1964. Pages: 3 Contributors: None credited. Availability: Not online; hard to find elsewhere. In the early 1960s, a number of college jesters around the country independently had the same idea: Why … Continue reading

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Punch’s first “Pl*yb*y,” 1966

Parody Of: Playboy. Title: “Pl*yb*y.” Parody By: Punch.  Date: July 13, 1966. Pages: 4. Contributors: Alexander Frater, Norman Mansbridge, William Hewison. Availability: Occasionally sighted on eBay. Two months before the Harvard Lampoon used the same asterisk-specked title, the 125th birthday number of Punch contained a brief parody of Playboy called “Pl*yb*y.” British magazines Queen and Country Life were targeted … Continue reading

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