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Duke + Look = “Dook,” 1949

Parody Of: Look. Title: “Dook (and Duchess).” Parody By: Duke and Duchess. Date: November 19, 1949. Length: 28 pages plus covers. Availability: Hard to find; one copy sold on eBay in late 2017. College humor mags were prone to grumble-brag about how much time and effort they … Continue reading

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“The Bilioustine,” 1901

Parody Of: The Philistine. Title: “The Bilioustine.” By: Bert Leston Taylor. Dates: May and October 1901. Published By: William S. Lord of Evanston, Illinois. Availability: Free online here; print copies findable but pricey. “The Bilioustine” may have been this country’s … Continue reading

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Parodies in Mad, 1954-2017

Wikipedia helpfully lists all of Mad’s movie and TV-show spoofs, but I believe this is the first attempt to catalog parodies of publications. Real, identifiable publications, that is: I’m not counting the fake lifestyle mags for groups like beatniks and hippies and mobsters … Continue reading

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Corey Ford’s “Mis-Fortune,” 1934

Parody Of: Fortune. Title: “Mis-Fortune.” In: Vanity Fair, March 1934, pp. 22-23, 62. By: “John Riddell” (Corey Ford).  Availability: Findable; usually pricey. Dwight Macdonald dismissed Corey Ford’s parodies as “mild” and didn’t include him in his magisterial Parodies: An Anthology from Chaucer to Beerbohm – And … Continue reading

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“Paul Ryan: The Magazine” Needs You

The brains behind last summer’s masterful online-only parody of The New Yorker (a.k.a. “The Neu Jorker”) are now seeking funds for their follow-up project: an “unofficial parody magazine” devoted to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. In addition to mocking the Wisconsin Republican, the one-shot … Continue reading

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Online: National Lampoon’s “Mad,” 1971

Parody Of: Mad. Title: “Mad.” Parody In: National Lampoon. Date: October 1971. Length: 15 pages. Contributors: John Boni, Sean Kelly, Henry Beard (writers); John Romita, Joe Orlando, Ernie Colon, Al Weiss, Babi Jeri, John Lewis, Stuart Schwartzberg, Ralph Reese. Availability: Online here. Reprinted in National Lampoon Comics (1974) and National Lampoon’s Magazine … Continue reading

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The Harvard Lampoon’s very first “Life,” 1896.

Parody Of: Life. Title: “Life.” Parody In: Harvard Lampoon. Date: March 26, 1896 (Vol. 31, no. 1), pp. 10-11. Length: 1 page (on 2 Lampoon pages). Contributors: W. Ames ’95, J.P. Welch ’97. Availability: Lampoons from the 1890s turn up periodically (pun) on the web; good luck finding specific issues. “Life, … Continue reading

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Spy’s 10-Magazine Parody Pack, 1991

Parody Of (in order): Vanity Fair, People, The New Republic, Architectural Digest, Esquire, Rolling Stone, New York, GQ, New York Times Book Review, Harper’s. Title: “Coming Soon to a Newsstand Near You.” Parody In: Spy, August 1991. Pages: 9. Contributors: Uncredited. … Continue reading

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A mysterious “Newsweek,” 1963

Parody Of: Newsweek. Title: “Newsweek.” Parody By: Unknown. Date: “November 18, 1963.” Pages: Unknown. Contributors: Unknown. Availability: Vanished from the face of the earth, AFAIK. Of all the magazine parodies I’ve heard of but never seen, 1963’s anonymous “Newsweek International Edition” is the most puzzling. Calling it “a vicious piece of propaganda,” the real Newsweek for … Continue reading

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