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The New Yorker’s “Paunch,” 1934

Parody Of: Punch. Title: “Paunch.” In: The New Yorker, January 13, 1934, pp. 17-24. By: Thurber, Benchley, White, Irvin, etc. Availability: Sometimes findable on eBay, Abebooks, etc.; archived online at newyorker.com (subscription required). “By humorous [art] we do not mean comic … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Octopus Parodies, 1920-1959

The Magazine Before The Onion, the most famous humor magazine to come out of Madison was the University of Wisconsin Octopus, b. November 1919, d. 1959, after UW officials found the May issue so offensive they extinguished the title. The editors … Continue reading

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The Most Parodied Magazine?

(WARNING: The following observations are based on the author’s own haphazard — though extensive — collecting and are informed speculation, not gospel. It is even possible  his list of Most Parodied Magazines is imperfect and should include Confidential, Liberty, Mad, National Geographic, Police Gazette, Popular Mechanics, Rolling Stone or Vogue. Further research is called for, as they … Continue reading

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A great, new, free New Yorker parody!

Parody Of: The New Yorker. Title: “The Neu Jorker.” Parody By: Andrew Lipstein, James Folta, et al.  Date: June 20, 2016. Pages: 80. Contributors: Andrew Lipstein, James Folta, et al. Availability: Online at 0s&1s Reads. No sooner do I launch this blog than a group of mostly web-based humorists go and … Continue reading

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