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Bicentennial Burlesques, 1975-76 (and 2008)

In addition to bringing tall ships and fireworks, the U.S. Bicentennial in 1976 provided a perfect excuse to swell the nation’s small stock of 18th-century magazines. Time‘s special issues were the most impressive, representing two years work by 26 researchers … Continue reading

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Online: “The Washington Post,” 2019

Parody Of: The Washington Post. Title: “The Washington Post” Parody By: Jacques Servin, L.A. Kauffman, Onnesha Roychoudhuri. Date: May 1, 2019 (distributed Jan. 16, 2019). Format: Eight-page broadsheet. Contributors: L.A. Kauffman, Onnesha Roychoudhuri, Jacques Servin, etc. Availability: Online as a PDF here at my-washingtonpost.com. How did I miss this? … Continue reading

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Online: Punch’s “Time,” 1960

Parody Of: Time. Title: “Time.” In: Punch, December 14, 1960. Length: 10 pages, 2 in color. Contributors: Norman Mansbridge, William Hewison (art); no writer credits. Availability: Online right here; print copies scarce but findable. Here’s a last-minute Christmas present — all 10 pages of … Continue reading

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Parodists and Copycats

When is a parody not a parody? When it’s a straight-faced, money-grubbing imitation, according to the courts. Lawsuits over parodies of copyrighted works are rare and their outcomes unpredictable, but two things any accused parodist better be able to show are (1) that no reasonable person could … Continue reading

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The Most Parodied Magazine?

(WARNING: The following observations are based on the author’s own haphazard — though extensive — collecting and are informed speculation, not gospel. It is even possible  his list of Most Parodied Magazines is imperfect and should include Confidential, Liberty, Mad, National Geographic, Police Gazette, Popular Mechanics, Rolling Stone or Vogue. Further research is called for, as they … Continue reading

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