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Online: “The Washington Post,” 2019

Parody Of: The Washington Post. Title: “The Washington Post” Parody By: Jacques Servin, L.A. Kauffman, Onnesha Roychoudhuri. Date: May 1, 2019 (distributed Jan. 16, 2019). Format: Eight-page broadsheet. Contributors: L.A. Kauffman, Onnesha Roychoudhuri, Jacques Servin, etc. Availability: Online as a PDF here at my-washingtonpost.com. How did I miss this? … Continue reading

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Harvard’s “New York Times,” March 7, 1968

Parody Of: The New York Times. Title: “The New York Times” Parody By: Harvard Lampoon. Date: March 7, 1968. Length: Front page only? Contributors: Rob Hoffman, Jonathan Cerf, Peter Gable. Availability: Very rare; reprinted in the Harvard Lampoon Centennial Celebration (pp. 38-39) and 100 Years of Harvard Lampoon Parodies (pp. 30-31). … Continue reading

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Parodies in Mad, 1954-2017

Wikipedia helpfully lists all of Mad’s movie and TV-show spoofs, but I believe this is the first attempt to catalog parodies of publications. Real, identifiable publications, that is: I’m not counting the fake lifestyle mags for groups like beatniks and hippies and mobsters … Continue reading

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The Bawl Street Journal, 1919-2009

Parody Of: The Wall Street Journal. Title: “The Bawl Street Journal.” By: The Bond Club of New York. Dates: June 1919 – June 2009. Availability: Findable on eBay, ABEbooks, etc.; 1930s-’80s issues most common. This was going to be a salute to “The Bawl Street … Continue reading

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Online: Spy’s “New York Times,” 1992.

Parody Of: The New York Times. Title: “The New York Times.” Parody By: Spy. Date: July 15, 1992. Length: 4 pages. Contributors: Uncredited. Availability: Occasionally seen on eBay and abebooks; online right here. Amid the current worry over “fake news,” it might be soothing to revisit a political hoax that only wanted to raise a … Continue reading

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William Hone’s “A Slap at Slop,” 1821.

Parody Of: The New Times (London). Title: “A Slap at Slop.” Parody By: William Hone. Date: 1821. Pages: 4. Contributors: William Hone (writer), George Cruikshank (art). Availability: PDF of pamphlet version online here. William Hone may have been the original pop-culture fanatic. Born in London in 1780, he was drawn to the … Continue reading

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Online: The Lampoon’s “Transcript,” 1919.

Parody Of: Boston Evening Transcript. Title: “Boston Evening Transcript.” Parody In: Harvard Lampoon.  Date: May 9, 1919. Pages: 16 + cover. Contributors: None credited. Availability: Online here at Hathi Trust. “The old Boston Evening Transcript, conservative, delicate, dignified, and ever ‘responsible,’ served from the mid-nineteenth century until its quiet demise in … Continue reading

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Harvey Kurtzman’s “Daily Poop,” 1954

Parody Of: The New York Daily News. Title: “Daily Poop.” Parody In: Mad comics #16. Date: October 1954. Pages: 6. Contributors: Harvey Kurtzman (writer), Jack Davis (art). Availability: Findable. Reprinted in The Mad Reader (Ballantine, 1954), Mad, Vol. 3, No. 13-17 (Russ Cochran, 1987), Tales Calculated to Drive You … Continue reading

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“The New Times,” 1794

Parody Of: The Times (London). Title: “The New Times.” Parody By: The Times — and the Tories.  Date: Sept. 6, 1794. Pages: 1. Availability: Reprinted much reduced but still legible in The History of the Times, Volume I: The Thunderer in the Making (London: Times Publishing Co., 1935). The earliest known … Continue reading

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